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Mending jeans

I had a pair of some worn out, but kind of favorite summer jeans that I refused to throw away.
The result:
Didn´t like the ripped part on the knee... ✂ (the younger generations can totally wear that, but I am not that keen...).
First I tried to just fix the hole with "darning stitch", but I think the fabric will easily rip again over the repaired seam....

I therefore sewed on some large patches  to cover the whole area where the fabric is worn thin. (I had to open the side seams to do this.) I used some left over chambray from my Rosa Shirt Dress in the last post.

And I cut of the hem and made a slightly shorter hemline in front,  and let it unstitched so it can fray a bit.
But I normally wear these jeans with the hem rolled up:

I am satisfied with the result, and hopefully I can now wear these jeans at least one more summer 😄

Spring is here!! Beautiful narcissus in the park by the Royal Castle here in Oslo 🌞.

Rosa Shirt Dress

Rosa Shirt Dress from Tilly and the Buttons 😊

I instantly liked this pattern, so I bought it shortly after the release. 

Dark navy cotton chambray from Stoff & Stil. Contrasting cotton fabric from Dear Stella Design. Perfect colored buttons from my local haberdashery shop.

The process: I made a quick toile with Swedish Tracing Paper to be sure the fit was fine.

Yes, you can sew on this tracing paper 👌 
The fit was fine, so no need to adjust the pattern.  Then of to cut out the pattern pieces ✂

Topstitching with orange thread of course!

Love this tool! Placing buttonholes goes like a dream 😄.

Very satisfied with the result! I can really recommend patterns from Tilly and the Buttons.  The instructions are very thorough and easy to follow. 🌞

Arielle Skirt

My Arielle Skirt is finally done 😄.  Bought the pattern "ages ago" and startet sewing it in the beginning of April.
Pattern is from Tilly and the Buttons and fabric is woven cotton stretch (wine red) from from
Fully lined with grey viscose lining fabric.
Sparkling buttons from ArrowMountain.
 Another garment done for my sewing/wardrobe challenge of the year  (aim to sew at least 12 garments through the year 2017).