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Ogden Cami #2

My second Ogden Cami 😊

Love this pattern!! 💙 (from TrueBias)
Made of fabric left over from the Lottie Dress  I made earlier this month (take a look at this blog post).
Viscose - Crêpe Midnight (a dark dusty blue) from Atelier Brunette,  bought at
The Ogden Cami is great for layering! (The weather isn´t always this sunny and hot here in Norway) Pictures are taken at our cabin near the mountains. 💛 Here´s a few more pictures from this absolutely wonderful weekend:

Lottie Dress

This is my third make from the Lottie Dress & Shirt pattern, from Christine Haynes.
(Take a look here and here for the two other (shirts)).

This is the dress version (just above the knee length), with short dolman sleeves. 

Fabric is a beautiful Viscose - Crêpe Midnight (a dark dusty blue) from Atelier Brunette,  bought at

I made the dress for a 60 years birthday party we went to earlier this month,  but totally forgot to take pictures of it at the party.... 
So we had to take some pictures of the dress on me in a more casual way the other day  (we found a beautiful green lawn by the NRK Television studio here at Marienlyst in Oslo).

The dress works well both as a party dress together with high heels and beautiful jewelry,  as for a more casual look together with sneakers and a scarf.
I really like the dress and the fabric is so comfortable and drapes beautiful 😊.

Ogden Cami

The Ogden Cami is so beautiful .  "Everbody" are sewing the Ogden Cami "these days", so I had to try this pattern myself. 
And It´s such a great pattern (from TrueBias)!

I made it double layered (instead of the short partial lining),  and 4" longer than the original pattern.

Beautiful neckline!

Fabric is a lovely Rayon from Cotton & Steel (Rifle Paper Co), bought at MeterMeter.

Deeper neckline at the back.

Perfect as a layering piece.

I am very satisfied with the result -  the double layer and the length!

I will definitely make more of the Ogden Cami !
Summer in Oslo!  The most beautiful pond in the park by the Royal Castle. 

Windbreak for the cabin

We spent our summer holiday at our cabin in Fåvang.
 And I made a windbreak for the terrace. 

The weather was warm and nice here in July, but when the colder wind comes from the north in the spring and the autumn this windbreak will be very useful.

 We had a great time here (as always)!!