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Ogden Cami #2

My second Ogden Cami 😊

Love this pattern!! 💙
(from TrueBias)

Made of fabric left over from the Lottie Dress 
I made earlier this month (take a look at this blog post).

Viscose - Crêpe Midnight (a dark dusty blue) from Atelier Brunette, 
bought at

The Ogden Cami is great for layering!
(The weather isn´t always this sunny and hot here in Norway)
Pictures are taken at our cabin near the mountains.
Here´s a few more pictures from this absolutely wonderful weekend:

Myfallet, Venabygdsfjellet, Rondane.

This T-shirt says:
"Norway aren´t built for sitting on your butt"

Aperol Spritz 😋, by the campfire at the cabin, after hiking all day.