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Blackwood Cardigan

This is my first Blackwood Cardigan. Pattern from Helens Closet 😊

I omit the pockets on this one (for a sleeker look).

Fabric from Stoff & Stil. Cotton/polyester blend jacquard.

I really like this cardigan! The pattern is well described and easy to follow.
The sleeves are REALLY long on the pattern - 
I took them of a few inches and I still need to roll them up (but that´s not a problem!)

The fabric works really well! I have used the cardigan several times and even if I sit on it for a long time it doesn't´t stretch out over the butt area - it keeps in shape 🙌

Love the length on this one!
But next time I think I will make a slightly shorter version.

Garment number 18 so far this year 😄. Well ahead of my own sewing challenge 
(to sew at least one garment per month thru the whole year).

Beautiful autumn colors in the mountains this weekend :-)
Venabygdsfjellet i Rondane, Norway ☀