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Kimono jacket

Kimono Jacket made in a light and soft wool fabric.

I found the pattern in the magazine "Alt om Håndarbeid" #01 - 2017.

The instructions weren't the best (mildly said...).
But I managed to get the jacket together pretty well.

I have had this fabric in my stash for a while, 
and I'm not convinced that is a good color for this kind of garment...
Feels a bit like a doctor's coat.
And it reminds me of my Judo outfit from when I was a teenager :-D

I lengthened the jacket about 6".

Not sure I will use this jacket much..., but we'll see. 

Some lovely narcissus at Sørmarka Kurs og Konferansehotell.

I spent a weekend here with 25 other ladies for a sew-together.
We come here twice a year and we have such a great time together :-)